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Serenity Garden Visitor Code of Conduct
  • Sanitize Regularly: Please use hand sanitizer as needed during your visit.

  • Respect the Garden: Refrain from touching gates, plaques, sculptures, and plants.

  • Self-Sufficiency: Bring your own water and mask. We do not have water fountains on the premises.

  • Preserve the Setting: Please do not move benches or chairs.

  • Health First: If you're feeling unwell, we kindly ask you to visit us another time.

  • Social Distancing: Maintain a safe distance between groups.

  • Supervise Children: Ensure your children are with you at all times.

  • Keep it Clean: Littering is strictly prohibited.

  • Preserve Nature: Do not clip or remove plants and flowers.

  • Quiet Enjoyment: Please keep noise levels down to maintain the tranquility of the garden.

  • No Smoking: For the health and safety of all, smoking is not permitted.

  • Wildlife Respect: Do not feed or disturb the wildlife. Enjoy them from a distance.

  • Stay on Paths: To protect both the plants and visitors, please stay on designated paths.

  • Photography: Personal photography is welcome, but commercial shoots require prior approval.

  • Take only memories, leave only footprints.

By entering Serenity Garden, visitors agree to assume all risks associated with their visit and agree to release and hold harmless Serenity Garden, its owners, agents, and employees from any and all liabilities, injuries, or damages both known and unknown. Visitors are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of those in their care.

Serenity Garden FAQ
General Information

​What is Serenity Garden?

  • Serenity Garden is a curated woodland sanctuary located in Mountainbrook off Carmel Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. It offers a blend of natural beauty and artistry, featuring a variety of plants, trees, and sculptures. 

What are the garden's hours of operation?

  • Serenity Garden is open during daylight hours for your enjoyment.

Is there an admission fee?

  • Currently, there is no admission fee to visit Serenity Garden. We welcome all guests to explore and enjoy the sanctuary at no cost.

Are pets allowed in the garden?

  • Yes, we welcome pets to join you during your visit to Serenity Garden. However, please note that this is not a dog park. All pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. We kindly ask that you clean up after your pet to maintain the garden's cleanliness and tranquility.

Is the garden wheelchair accessible?

  • We regret to inform you that due to the natural terrain of Serenity Garden, which includes stone, gravel, and grass paths, the garden is not currently wheelchair accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are actively exploring ways to make the garden more accessible in the future.

What should I bring for my visit?

  • To enhance your experience at Serenity Garden, we recommend that you bring the following essentials:

    • Your own water, as there are no water fountains on the premises.

    • Comfortable walking shoes suitable for stone, gravel, and grass paths.

Do Patsy & Patrick host events at the garden?

  • Yes, Patsy & Patrick host occasional events and cocktail evenings. You can view photos of past events by clicking here.

Can I host my own event at Serenity Garden?

  • We are currently in the process of developing a framework to accommodate private, small, and intimate events at Serenity Garden. Additionally, we are working on implementing a scheduling calendar for easier planning. Please stay tuned for updates as we look forward to making our garden an even more versatile space for special occasions. In the meantime, please contact Patsy directly at (704) 578.7720. 

Are there any guided tours available?

  • The garden is open for self-guided tours, but please subscribe to our mailing list here and follow us on Instagram for information on any upcoming special tours.

Is photography allowed?

  • Personal photography is welcome. Commercial shoots require prior approval.

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks"
-John Muir


Serenity Garden is a Woodland Oasis at the Reames Estate in Charlotte, North Carolina. What began with some initial plantings around the property, the garden has grown to become a living legacy of the Reames Family.  Walking through our expansive forest garden you will discover a wide variety of plants and trees thoughtfully integrated within the surrounding landscape. Several thought-provoking sculptural features can also be experienced throughout the garden. Our mission as nature lovers is to nurture our garden sanctuary to provide a place to contemplate, meditate and find peace. 



Serenity Garden: A Sanctuary of Nature and Art in Mountainbrook

Nestled in the heart of Mountainbrook off Carmel Road in Charlotte, North Carolina, Serenity Garden stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and artistry. This woodland haven boasts a curated collection of plants, trees, and sculptures, each meticulously chosen and placed to complement the natural beauty of the landscape.

Our vision transcends mere aesthetics. As stewards of nature and passionate advocates for its preservation, our mission is to cultivate this garden as a sanctuary—a place where souls can retreat, reflect, and rejuvenate.

We warmly welcome photographers, yoga enthusiasts, labyrinth walkers, forest bathers, and grief share groups to immerse themselves in the serene ambiance of our garden. Whether you seek a backdrop for your art, a space for meditation, or a haven for healing, Serenity Garden offers a unique setting tailored to your needs.



Open to the public, Serenity Garden awaits your visit, promising an experience that will inspire peace and wonder in equal measure.

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